Welcome to the Symbiosis Research Collective!

Welcome to the Symbiosis Research Collective (SRC) Forums!

Please read this before participating in the forum, as there are some housekeeping items to be aware of. If you haven’t yet, start by reading our Mission Statement for a broad overview of our purpose as a community.

This forum has several key functions. You can use it to:

  1. Post and respond to research requests. If your community organization or project has particular research needs that require assistance, post here with a [Project Request] tag. This tag can also be used for an ongoing research project that requires a specific area of expertise absent from that research team. If you need something translated, go to the Translation Request thread.
  2. Gain access to research materials. If you are looking for a book or article or other document that you are unable to access on your own, post a request here tagged [Material Request]. Some of our members can access paywalled documents through institutional subscriptions, and between us we have assembled an extensive digital library.
  3. Plan research projects and recruit partners. If you have ideas on what you’d like to work on, make a post tagged [Proposal], get feedback and ideas from other members, and recruit a working team to complete it.
  4. Brainstorm new projects with other members. We have a running Spitballing thread for bouncing around ideas and developing new proposals. These ideas will be placed in the Project Bank if there isn’t a team to take them on at a given time.
  5. Participate in mutual learning and skill development. A number of our members are experts in particular research techniques and subject areas, which can be passed on to others of us who are interested. We may host different subject seminars, assemble useful readings lists, and post guides or hold trainings on different research tools and techniques.

Community guidelines

To keep this space productive and accessible to all people, we do need adhere to a few basic community guidelines. These may be revisited in the future if changes or additions are required.

  1. Be respectful of everyone. We will necessarily disagree with one another at some point about some things, but it is essential that we do not reproduce the toxic disregard for one another that is so prevalent in other faceless online spaces. Symbiosis is a feminist and anti-racist organization dedicated to the liberation of all people, and expressions of prejudice on the basis of sex, race, religion, gender identity, ability, and national origin are particularly unacceptable forms of disrespect. That being said, we also must acknowledge that all of us are products of a profoundly unequal society, within which we are struggling to transform ourselves and the world around us. None of us are perfect, or can be perfect, and resolution of our disputes must take place through a framework of kindness and restoration rather than disposability.
  2. Keep in mind that we have members from all levels of official recognition of their education. Use accessible language when possible, and if asked to explain something further, please do so. The inverse is also important—there is a lot of knowledge in the room, so feel welcome to ask for additional information, resources, or clarification. This is a space for all of us to learn from one another. Be mindful of the fact that much useful knowledge has little to do with attainment of an academic degree. This diversity of background is a gift, developing all of our abilities to be intellectual contributors to a democratic society and safeguarding our community from useless self-shuttering into silos of expertise.
  3. Keep up on your commitments. If you say you will contribute something to a project, do so; if something changes such that you cannot complete tasks you have committed to, or cannot do so in the prearranged timeline, let your team know promptly. Accountability is a precondition for good teamwork.
  4. Be constructive in your criticism, take constructive criticism well. This is how we become better at what we do.

Thank you! If there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the admin team.

You may login to the SRC forums here. If you are not yet an SRC member with login in, please fill out our sign up form and you will be contacted shortly to set up your account.